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FillUp: Travel New York Pictures

  • 1. November 2017

Travel: New York Pictures of 2011/2012 online

After relaunch we will fill up the new york pictures from our last trips, some of them are new released and new processed with new software possibilities. So here you can enjoy the pictures from 2011, our first trip and 2012 our second trip with friends. I can hand you an advice, enjoy your trips with friends and you will have more fun and an more to laugh.

>> New York 2011 <<

>> New York 2012 <<

here we go again – restart

  • 6. Oktober 2017

hello world … or someting like that …

after a short break we are now restart / relaunching the website.
the reason is quite simple – the server was old and very fragile and
some funny guys started with attacs to the webserver and also
started some annoying mail bombs. in short: I have no time for
this funny stuff and to maintain the server for 24/7 so we changed
the provider . The next challenge was, that the developer of the
previous template stop the support, because the sec issue was very
high and didn’t inform anybody – thanks for nothing. anyhow …



The website will be filled up with pictures by time and I hope to
get also the new pictures from our eastcoast trip in time …