ARSENAL – Review

  • 5. Juni 2019


In 2017 at kickstarter the startup ARSENAL had been announced and I thought it was a very interesting tool to see if I’m clever than the AI (artifcal intelligence) – So I ordered one.  March, April, May, June … no shipping, so I waited till end of november and received than one after very unpolite mails.  The customs charged me additional 65€uro , so in total it costs, till it was mine, 250€ . A lot of money …

first installation & update

you have to charge te battery – after 24hours it was ready – deeply discharged. than you have to install a new firmware via smartphone (iphone) – this was about 10min and than to connect. the youtube movies work here very fine.

keep it running & configuration

if you have some straight lines in the screen, so switch of in camera the grid’s and transform to 3:2 ratio .
the wifi is sucking the battery off, so I suggest to buy an anker cable and a anker powerbank and connect it to the arsenal item. the battery of the 5D3 which I have doesn’t care a lot of arsenal usage.


the tool is the equivalent of a experienced photographer – nothing more, so no jeanny thing, no magic.
the feature of timeslape (link)  or longexposure is usefull and it is very efficent to handle it over the phone.
but I identified one issue …

ONE of the main problems is, if you are abroad and far far away from home, you will need to interact with cell-data-roaming, because the WIFI is used by arsenal, than fact: high costs will be came on your mobile bill … this must be kept in mind. for home (local country) perfect, for traveling not so really good.