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2017-10-14 Concert Ecliptica New Area

  • 15. Oktober 2017

2017-10-14 Concert Ecliptica und New Area

At the SIMMCity we had the possibility to take some pictures
from the concert of Ecliptica and New Area .

Let’s take a look


20171014 – New Area Konzert SimmCity

here we go again – restart

  • 6. Oktober 2017

hello world … or someting like that …

after a short break we are now restart / relaunching the website.
the reason is quite simple – the server was old and very fragile and
some funny guys started with attacs to the webserver and also
started some annoying mail bombs. in short: I have no time for
this funny stuff and to maintain the server for 24/7 so we changed
the provider . The next challenge was, that the developer of the
previous template stop the support, because the sec issue was very
high and didn’t inform anybody – thanks for nothing. anyhow …



The website will be filled up with pictures by time and I hope to
get also the new pictures from our eastcoast trip in time …